They were dressed up Killingly. . . (_irreverence) wrote in easyvegan,
They were dressed up Killingly. . .

Being Veg in Central America

Alright, so i'm going on a trip to Nicaragua for 3 weeks this Sunday.

And basically, it's going to be a little tough to find plentiful vegetarian/vegan food. There's not really any tofu or veggie meats or microwaveable foods period (and yes, this is a big portion of the foods I eat normally). I guess this is a good time to learn to eat more raw and/or healthier foods. Are there any basic foods you guys would recommend? Apparently I was told I might be able to find some soymilk at least, but veggies, fruits, etc that might be easy to use? Some very common foods i'll be around are rice, beans, tortillas, and cheeses so maybe random recipies using these as well as other items would be nice as well. :) I don't want to show up and be too big of a headache for all my non-veg family!

Also, if any of you happen to have ever been to Nicaragua, let me know. Advice and stories and comments of any kind really are appreciated.

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