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Not sure if this counts...

Quick After-School/After-Work Pizza!

Not much of a recipe so much as a tasty combo of food!

I just discovered Ian's Soy cheese French Bread pizzas (awesome!)

Saute some white onion and Tofurkey Italian Sausage, season w/ garlic powder and dried basil (though I bet fresh basil would be nice too). Heat up the pizza and put the onion/sausage mix on top and voila!

Also, add some olive oil over the pizza when heating so the cheeze gets melty! Soooo tasty!

Dee-lish Breakfast Sammich!

All you need is spinach, tomato, garlic/garlic paste, an english muffin, vegan butter, and some Lightlife sausage (or other sausage if you prefer)!

-Heat up some vegan butter and garlic paste in a small bowl.
-Saute some spinach and tomato (diced or sliced, doesn't matter), and season to taste (I used oregano, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and onion powder.)
-Form a patty out of the Lightlife sausage grounds (is that what you call them? sausage tube? egh something like that) and fry up seperately.
-Toast english muffin
-Add garlic butter to both sides of the english muffin, top w/ sausage patty and spinach/tomato mix and add more garlic butter over that.


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