She writes, always. (scrive_sempre) wrote in easyvegan,
She writes, always.

Radishes and Chives!

Anyone have any good recipes that include a fair amount of either of these ingredients?? I don't want them to go bad in my fridge but for radishes I can't think of anything other than chopped in a salad, and for chives I can only think of putting them in mashed/baked/fried potatos.

Ideas please! :)
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My Russian grandmother made a salad of sliced radishes in sour cream. Optional onion or a little salt, even cucumber.
I like it.
How about simply eating them raw, dipped in margarine and a bit of sea salt, as the Europeans do? (Well, they traditionally use butter, but you know...:-/) Then you could sprinkle on the chives! Chives could be used anywhere you would use onions, which for me would be darn near everything... :-)